Logo Design – Barr Necessities

Businesses, so very often, are started in a living room or spare bedroom, a garage or a home kitchen. Managing the hundreds of tasks that come with the new (ad)venture, branding, by necessity, is often a second thought. A friend with mad design skills creates a logo and packaging, a neighbor with WordPress experience builds the first website, and a former colleague with photography experience generously agrees to shoot portraits and product pictures. It’s the universe rising up to meet and support courage and determination.

When the business takes off and grows bigger, there is often a need and an opportunity to dedicate resources to intentionally building a brand. That brand-building process starts with some serious business soul-searching, research and customer feedback, and ends with a clearly defined identity that is the basis for everything that is created to visualize and communicate the brand to the world: Logo, website, photography, videos, slogan, copy, social media- and blog posts, packaging, collateral, display- and/or store design, email newsletter… Everything.

When we finished the brand-building process for Barr Necessities, we realized that the new identity called for a new logo. On top of the playfulness and sweetness the old logo communicated, we wanted the new one to stand for the other brand aspects we had determined: Health, nature and sustainability, courage and confidence, youth and simplicity, and the fierce determination to make an impact on the world by changing the food industry.

Below are the two logos. Old and New. Do you recognize the additional aspects we wanted the new logo to communicate?



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