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How it’s done:

Step 1: Story

In a way, a business is a little bit like a person, isn’t it? It needs an identity so people can understand it and relate to it: A personality, characteristics, a soul. A voice, features and a style. A purpose and a story and a community.

We create or refine this identity as a first step.

Step 2: Structure & Information Architecture

A mindmap and wireframe outlining:

  • Website pages
  • Purpose & message of each page
  • Content sections of each page
    (Pictures, video, copy, graphics, functions, forms, actions, buttons…)
  • Navigation labels and -order

Step 3: Design & Layout

For inspiration, we review existing websites and templates, and define a general design- and layout idea. Next, we create a mockup for you to review. We edit and refine the mockup until it’s everything you dreamed it to be.

Step 4: Creating Content

Photography, video production, copywriting, graphics, forms…

Step 4: Coding

Optimized for Search Engines, Clean Code, Responsive, Browser-Compliant

Step 5: Launch