Family Portrait: Ranchers and Farmers

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When my friend Susanne asked me to take pictures of her beautiful family, I spontaneously and immediately loved the idea. I haven’t done much people photography in the busy-ness of the last few years and I had started to really miss it.

We all fell in love with the idea of a ranch setting: California land, rolling hills, golden grass, a winding trail, weathered wooden fences and a winter sunset.

Susanne and her husband Tom picked the most adorable outfits and prepared their kids, Liam and Annika, by telling them they were going to be Ranchers and Farmers for the day.

The ice broke because cattle kept walking into our picture, because we laughed about avoiding the piles of cow poop, because the little ones watched the horizon through spy glasses and because Liam got to pull his sister up and down the trail in a wooden wagon. When it all started to feel like a big outdoor family adventure, we got these pictures:

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