Why People Share Ideas


I attended an online seminar by marketing legend Seth Godin a few years back. I have used the following part of his advice in my work ever since and I hope you will find it as eye-opening and helpful as me:

In the Digital Age, the success of your marketing (and ultimately your business) depends on people spreading your story. Knowing this, it’s a great idea to think about the actual reasons people spread ideas: What motivates them to share something with their network? What moves them to talk about you? Once you know this, you can craft your stories and create your content in a way that makes them share-worthy for people.

Here are the reasons people share ideas:

  • Because your idea says something that they have trouble saying directly
  • Because sharing your idea makes them feel smart
  • Because the idea is funny, and they don’t want to laugh by themselves
  • Because they feel lonely, and sharing an idea makes them feel less lonely
  • Because they are angry and want to share that anger
  • Because they want to connect people to one-another
  • Because they want to be generous
  • Because they want to help people by providing them with valuable information and insight
  • Because they want you to succeed
  • Because they have no choice
  • Because there is a financial benefit
  • Because they want their network to avoid an external threat
  • Because they have no other way of re-paying you for the work that you do other than to share it
  • Because if everyone knew what they know, they would be happier
  • Because they want to amaze and entertain their friends
  • Because they want to reveal aspects of their true selves to friends to build stronger relationships

If you can think of more reasons, please share them with in the comment section.

And as always: Thank you for reading!

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