Website Launch: Rebel Mind

The brief:

Re-position, re-focus and re-brand my client Whitney Greer’s communications agency, RebelMind, and bring it all to life with a new website.

The work:

We start from scratch. We evaluate Whitney’s career successes and her strengths, and discuss what parts of her work have made her feel creative, alive and accomplished. We discuss the market: Her past- and potential future clients, services needed and demanded by them, messages that will speak to them, and ways to reach them. With this work complete, we know what she wants to offer; we have a market-oriented, success-, talent- and passion-driven service portfolio. As a result of this work, we can see so clearly that the slogan comes easy: Your mic-drop moment. The website structure comes easy as well. We define what pages we need, and the message, purpose, content and navigation label for each. Next the fun part. We spend a day at my computer finding textures, pictures and colors and defining design parameters, and tie it all into a cohesive visual identity that describes Whitney as a coach.

Take a look at the live site here: I think it turned out as brave and bad-ass as she is.

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