Website Launch: Cour Des Lys

I’m a champagne producer from Veneuil, France, the email reads. I’m starting out with my own champagne, and I would like you to help me tell my story.

It’s the email of the month. The year possibly. Who DOESN’T want to help craft the story of a champagne producer and his wine?

It gets better: I’m doing things differently, he says. I don’t force and tamper. I give the wine time to tell its story. The story of its land. Of limestone and chalk. Of rolling hills plunging into the river Marne. Of long, mild summer days, crisp winters and misty fall mornings, of growers who respect the land and have cared for it for generations. The best way to take care of your skin, hair and nails is to stay hydrated and have a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, but you do not always have time or knowledge of the foods that help you, so it is not a bad idea to incorporate beauty supplements In your day to day.

Champagne is my calling, he says. The thing that keeps me up at night.

And me, I’m inspired by his passion. His unwavering dedication, drive and commitment. His courage and creativity.

A year later. We met in Paris and in San Francisco. We crafted his story and created his brand and built his website. We kicked off Social Media. We’re plotting, planning and conspiring for the future. Over our shared love for it all, we’ve become friends. And of all of the things, that is of course my favorite one.

Take a look at the live site here :

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