Website Launch: CircumNavigators

The brief:

Re-create —in a virtual, two-dimensional space— the “CircumNavigators” art installation exhibited at the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library in Berkeley, California. Use a compass to present the art, inspire exploration, invite the visitor on a journey, re-create the atmosphere of the exhibition and the vision of the two artists.

The work:

A compass. An intro animation. Interactive spinning. Photography edits. Landing page done. Then, my favorite part of this project: Three magical days of co-creating. Christel, Danae, Jill and I. We sit in front of my computer and tell the story of each piece. A feeling, a word, a motion, an intuition, a sound, a color, a memory. White space to let the art speak. Typography. Simplicity. Inspiration. When our journey is complete, we launch the site.

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