Website Launch: Barr Necessities

It’s been a labor of love: A storytelling website built for my client-turned-friend Natalia Barr and her (gluten-free, all-organic, low-glycemic, whole-foods) patisserie- and catering company “Barr Necessities.”

We started from scratch: Customer surveys, research, business soul-searching. The result: A (re)defined brand identity. Within this framework, the rest was easy. And so much fun: Lots of baking and almost as much eating, a two-day photo shoot with champagne and music, texts and emails full of ideas and love and inspiration, creative meetings fueled by coffee and laughter, a new logo, design iterations, writing, coding, launching.

And here is the new site. We went for a simple, clean and focused structure. A rustic and natural feel; hand-made, craftsmanship. Chic. A little playful and a touch of vintage. The site is optimized for speed, for all screen sizes and browsers and for Search Engines. Most importantly though, it’s optimized for people. The guiding light throughout was to create a site people could love. Delight and inspiration and smiles.

Go check it out. We’re both so proud of it:

Barr Necessities Website

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