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Elevator Pitch Video: Whitney Greer

We just went live with my client Whitney Greer’s new website. She’s a media- and presentation coach, meaning she trains her clients to get in front of an audience, own that stage and kill that presentation.

I knew she was good, but it wasn’t until we filmed this video for her landing page, that I understood how good she is. She showed up ready. She took that stage and delivered her pitch with presence and confidence and ease. Light-hearted and calm. Effortless and unafraid to just nail it. To me, deadly afraid of, and frozen solid in, any kind of spotlight, it was an awe-inspiring experience.


Food Photography – Behind The Scenes

Frank comes home from a long week of corporating and I ask him can you help me with a video shoot on the weekend and he just drives me around town all Saturday and rents me a trailer and loads it for me and the question if I deserve all of it doesn’t even cross his mind while it’s the prominent and permanent one on mine.

And on Sunday I hand him a camera and I ask: Can you film like this. Handheld and lots of rack-focusing and shallow depth of field. And he says I don’t know but I can try. And on Monday, I check his footage and I laugh. Cause it’s all handheld and lots of rack-focusing and shallow depth of field. And then it’s so much more than that and I just feel helplessly overwhelmed with awe and gratitude.

And my friend Laura. I text her, can you be my model. It’s a video shoot and it’s kind of totally last minute. And she replies immediately. When should I be where and don’t you worry and I’ll get a hand treatment. And then this: Oh, I am so excited. And she shows up and just gets to work and carries me.

What is it with this beautiful world? Seriously: How is it this kind and beautiful and this full of love?

Here is a little trailer:

Studio 7C – Welcome Video

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Virtual Design and –Construction is a fundamental change in the construction industry. Traditional processes are replaced with a data-centric approach that increases the efficiency of the building process.

Major changes in business processes and -procedures are known to cause fear. People are afraid to leave familiar territory, get left behind or become obsolete. A natural reaction to ignore, stall and ostracize the change, which can cost a company business opportunities, a competitive edge and reputation.

We created this video for our client Webcor Builders as an internal and external marketing tool to help replace that fear of Virtual Design and –Construction with understanding, excitement and hope. It is similar that offer the best services for construction.

Many people have helped with the creation of this video. I want to thank each one of you for your hard work and dedication, for your creativity, passion and ideas, and for your spirit of making things happen and doing remarkable work. I appreciate you:

Michael Brown, Alan A. Chun, Juani Fernandez, Joanne Filipas, Kurt Forsegren, Rich Gangitano, Frank Haase, Christian Hedberg, Blair Hinojosa, David Hungerford, Clay Kempf, Duston Leary, Todd Mercer, Anne Merics, Jocelyn Mezofenyi, Pete Rainier, Peter Sosnowski, Jansen Tredway, Sven Van der Sluis, Roy Wanguhu and Matt Zwetzig.

Virtual Construction on the Transbay Transit Center

Webcor’s Virtual Building Team under the direction of Frank Haase uses Virtual Construction on the Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco to provide unprecedented planning- and management capabilities to all project stakeholders for efficient, fact-based decision-making.

For the production of this movie, special thanks go to Christian Hedberg for setting up the most sophisticated render farm I know of and to Blair Hinojosa and Juani Fernandez for your comprehensive plan to organize endless export files and for your other tireless, skillful and supportive work on this project. Special thanks also go to Frank Haase for your vision, direction and leadership and for your much admired talent to always see both the forest and the trees.

Talking Heads Video

A ‘Talking Heads’ video production for our client Tasha Beauchamp with “Elder Pages Online.”

The team spirit, professionalism, skills and kindness every single one of you brought to this project has made the job and the day on set special and unforgettable for me. Thank you all: Darren Angus, Tasha Beauchamp, Doug Boyd, Laurel Garwin, Lori Grbac, Frank Haase, Karen Kahn, Ray MedVed, Chris Morrell, Kris Ravetto, Charlie Rowland, Chaya Rowland, Cynthia Seats and Anne Stark-Robertson.