Helping is the New Selling


When you sell, everything you say is about YOU. When you help, everything you say is about THEM.

Here’s how a “sales meeting” is different when your objective is helping, instead of selling:

  • You spend more time listening, understanding and advising than posturing, pitching, and bragging.
  • You don’t waste anybody’s time by telling them things about you that don’t apply to them.
  • When you understand their problem, you offer a solution.
  • The solution you suggest is designed to optimize their bottom line, not yours.
  • You occasionally say: “I don’t know and I’ll find out.”
  • You also occasionally say: “For this part of the job, I know people better than me, and I’ll bring them on board.”
  • It’s a conversation more than a presentation, although you may be showing the same material.

When you walk away, you leave behind a feeling of honesty and sincerity. They have confidence in your ability to solve their problem. They feel understood because you listened. And you walk away with something that’s more valuable than everything else: Trust.

How’s that for a successful sales meeting?

P.S.: The New Sales Person is not the one with the thickest smoke and the shiniest mirrors…

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