Dagi Cueppers

There is this guy. He holds my hand, and I hold his. His name is Frank.

The two of us have a friend. He has a strong will and a pronounced sense of justice. He makes us laugh and feel and care and we love him way more than two reasonable people should love a dog. His name is Finn.

Wilderness and solitude are my peace. Also, working out until I have absolutely nothing left.

I love elephants. Somewhere deep in my soul. I also love Africa. When I’m rich, I want to buy a big piece of the African bush and turn it into a sanctuary where elephants can roam wild and free.

I struggle with food. After a long fight, I found the answer in putting down the weapons. Listening, it turns out, is the most powerful healer of all. Now, the struggle is my compass. My North Star that always and unfailingly points me home.

Two of the best questions I know are Why? and Why Not?

I love traveling. Not as a spectator looking in, but connected to a place and its people. Immersed, touching, embracing. No cushion, no separation. Leaving, in the end, forever changed by the experience.

When I’m old, I want to live on a ranch in Tuscany. With big gardens and horses and dogs. A hammock between fruit trees. Rocking chairs on the front porch. A clean, slow life. Physical labor that makes sense. A lake for swimming nearby and a small, sleepy village where people know each other by name. And I want to welcome everybody who needs a break from the world.

I think we all need more hugs. All hugs, really, but especially the ones that give two hearts enough time to understand.

Courage is the one trait I admire most in people. The courage to stand up and fight for the things we believe in. And also the courage to hope and be happy, to love, dare and forgive, be vulnerable and follow our hearts.

I believe in people. Sometimes, that’s a tough belief. We do so many bad things. But there’s also so much good: The compassion and love and selflessness of someone just being the best version of themselves. I think we all need to help one-another be that version.

I believe in less comfort and less stuff. Smaller houses, smaller cars, less phone data, fewer pairs of shoes. Stuff and comfort make us lonely. And lonely is the opposite of connected. And connection is where all the magic happens.

I love local and handmade. Created with love and care. Meaning. Responsibility. Slow. Made to last.

I think that the shortest way to happiness is giving happiness to someone else. Also, that gratitude and forgiveness, human connection and love heal just about anything.

When people in Suahili greet each other, the greeting can be translated to “I see you.” I try to see people. It’s the best gift I know to give. Cause in the end, that’s all we really want: To be seen.