Talking Heads Video

A ‘Talking Heads’ video production for our client Tasha Beauchamp with “Elder Pages Online.”

The team spirit, professionalism, skills and kindness every single one of you brought to this project has made the job and the day on set special and unforgettable for me. Thank you all: Darren Angus, Tasha Beauchamp, Doug Boyd, Laurel Garwin, Lori Grbac, Frank Haase, Karen Kahn, Ray MedVed, Chris Morrell, Kris Ravetto, Charlie Rowland, Chaya Rowland, Cynthia Seats and Anne Stark-Robertson.

  • NatashaBeauchamp

    We are so grateful to Studio 7C for the incredible professionalism and warmth they brought to this production. The project was to add video to websites designed to support family caregivers of the elderly (see and for family caregivers of the seriously ill (see The response has been tremendous! Our clients (elder care providers) hands down choose the video version over our website offerings with still graphics and text. The talking heads not only make the content come alive for family caregivers (my clients clients), they have definitely helped me to get the attention of prospective customers and close the sale on many of my contracts. Thank you Studio 7C, and all the crew and actors for your heartfelt and superbly-executed contributions!