Website Design

Imagine a website that checks all the necessary boxes: Design template customized, facts stated, (stock) photography placed. Good enough.

Now imagine the same website telling a story: Human and authentic. What if the site made people feel delighted, touched, inspired, part of something bigger. What if it made them smile or laugh or think or reconsider? What if it’s entertaining, made to enjoy, talk about, share?

Magic happens when you start telling stories.




Step One: We start with questions
Some are for you to answer, some for us to research and others are for your stakeholders. I call it business soul-searching. In the end, we understand your brand: Your story, personality and unique offering, your audience, goals, challenges and potential, and the market you operate in. This is the groundwork and the result is your brand identity.

Step Two: Development of your site’s blueprint
We determine your site’s structure and navigation, layout, design, information architecture and the most compelling way to tell your story. We also determine what content we need to source, edit or create.

Step Three: Creating content
Writing, designing, photography, filming, editing.

Step Four: Site development
Coding. Translating the website blueprint into a live site.